Postcards From Iceland

Reynisfjara beach, near the town of Vík, southern Iceland.
(Camera: Olympus OM-PC; Lens: 24mm; Film: Fuji Provia 100F)

Iceland is a photographer’s paradise. In October 2010 I lead an aurora-watching tour there with a fabulous group of travelers. And as exciting as the nighttime show was, it was our daytime activities that yielded the richest harvest of photographs and memories.

Our exploration of the country was limited to the southwestern region (including Reykjavik), but if this small sampling of the place is any indication, there’s potentially a lifetime’s worth of sightseeing and photography to be had in Iceland. The scenery is beyond spectacular and the lighting can be pure magic. I can’t wait to get back to revisit the locations I’ve already seen, and to see places a bit further off the beaten track. Iceland is simply one of the most awe inspiring places I’ve ever been.

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