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From Here to Guanacaste

I’m fresh back from a trip to Costa Rica to see the stars. Once I’ve done all my processing and caught up on sleep, I’ll assemble an image gallery. Until then, here’s a sample image taken on a wonderful afternoon … Continue reading

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Accidental Alder

An interesting thing happened on the way to this picture. I came upon a stand of red alders and carefully set up my camera and tripod. I spent more time than usual trying to get just the right camera position … Continue reading

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Comets Old and New

Comets bright enough to be seen without a telescope or binoculars are rare. Those that can rightly be called “great comets,” are rarer still. For stargazers of my generation, a long drought finally broke in the 1990’s when two great … Continue reading

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After the Storm

We don’t get a great deal of snow here in Victoria, so when we do, it’s quite an event. And perhaps because it’s so rare, it seems especially beautiful. I took this picture after waiting out a sudden squall in … Continue reading

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