The Thing About Tomatoes

Real tomatoes.
(Camera: Hasselblad 503cx; Lens: 80mm Zeiss Planar (with extension); Film: Fuji Reala 100)

These tomatoes aren’t perfect. A couple have noticable blemishes, they range in size, and they’re not evenly ripe. They’re not from a store, rather, they’re from my dad’s garden in Penticton, B.C. And you know what? They taste great. But that’s the thing these days isn’t it? You can go into any supermarket and find great looking produce that tastes, well, underwhelming. Strawberries are another prime example — big, lucious berries from California that taste like styrofoam. What does it say about “the market” if it has decided that we would rather have fruits and vegetables that look better than they taste? Style over substance. Features over function. Opinion over information. Fiction over fact.

This is the modern world that I’ve learnt about . . .

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