Midnight in America

(Camera: Olympus Pen-D; Film: Kodak Ektar 100)

Last summer I spent some time in Marshfield, Massachusetts. It’s a lovely seaside town, and as usual, I was never without a camera — usually carrying an Olympus Pen D, half-frame camera on this trip. There something about knowing you have 72 shots in a roll that encourages experimentation. Once I returned home, I realized I had taken a number of photos that shared several elements that lent the images a kind of cohesiveness. As part of my year-end housekeeping, I decided assembled those images into this little gallery.

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One Response to Midnight in America

  1. Ehpem says:

    What a nice set, that Pen D takes very nice pictures.
    I love how the gallery comes up on the red/white/blue basketball net. My experience in the States is that it can be pretty tough to take an urban shot without the flag in it somewhere. But they do add a common thread to photos, as you have shown here.

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