10 Faves from 2013

One of my 10 favourite photos from 2013, "Walking Past Modernity."

Everyone likes lists — especially “best of” or “top 10” or some other clearly defined ranking or ordering.  But sometimes it’s just not possible to be clear, or even defined.  And so, that brings me to my selection of 10 favourite images from 2013.

As with previous years, on any other day, I might pick 10 completely different shots.  But when I forced myself to make some decisions, this is what I came up with.  About the only restrictions I adhered to was that the image had to have come from a roll of film developed in 2013, and I tried to avoid anything shot too recently.  I always find it difficult to place new photos in context — one tends to like one’s most recent photos the most.  At least I do.

There really isn’t a particular rhyme or reason, or even a discernible theme that emerges from these.  Some are street photos, some fairly classic landscape shots.  Some are colour, some black-and-white.  More of the latter than the former.  And while I tend to think of myself as someone who mostly shoots medium format, this selection doesn’t bear that out — six of these are regular 35mm.

I also appear to have been entirely fickle about my equipment choices too.  Nine different cameras produced these images.  Bizarrely (at least to me) it was the 127-format Brownie Starmeter that yielded two images.  I think I only put two rolls of film through that camera all year, and yet, I used it to produce two of my favourites. Go figure. I guess that just goes to show how little the camera matters.

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