10 Faves From 2014

Abbigale. (Camera: Yashica T4 Zoom; Film: Kodak Ektar 100)

It’s that time again. Time to look back and reflect on another year of photography. As always, picking 10 favourites is almost an exercise in random. Looking over my 2014 postings, these are the ones that jumped out at me when I sat down to choose. Tomorrow? Who knows.

Only two of my picks are colour, the rest are black and white. Unusually, only one was taken with a medium-format camera, all the rest are plain ol’ 35mm. Three pictures were made with my Pentax ME Super SLR and three were captured with point-and-shoot cameras. In total, seven different cameras were used for these ten images. What does any of that mean? Perhaps it illustrates that, at least for me, the idea that you should settle on one camera/lens for your shooting doesn’t necessarily apply. I find different cameras inspire me to take different kinds of photos. As for subject matter, that’s all over the place too, though I note that three favourite images were from my Iceland trip. At least this year I took a few photos with people in them!

Which is my #1 favourite? I guess, if forced to choose (though no one is forcing me), I’d pick the photo of Abbigale above. I just like it. It’s spontaneous and really captures her character. Ask me again tomorrow though, and well . . .

(Click on an image below to start the slide show.)

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  1. Ehpem says:

    Really good set of photos. The male bird is probably my favourite.
    Do you scan black and white negatives in colour? Or are you toning them in post? I might have asked this question already.

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