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Film Photos in Spirituality & Health Magazine

I’m very pleased to see several of my photographs appearing Spiritualy & Health magazine’s special issue, Practice.

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Welcome to the Era of Stunt Photography

Maybe it’s just me. But it seems we’re being buffeted mightily by the winds of what I’d call (for lack of a better descriptor) “stunt photography.” It’s everywhere on-line these days and if you tune in to sites like Petapixel … Continue reading

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On the Gorge With the Belair

The poor ol’ Lomography Belair has taken quite a beating in reviews and on-line discussion forums almost from the day it was first announced. Even my own review (Part 1 of which is found here), has plenty of unkind things … Continue reading

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Pearls, Hammers, and Photos

I spend a lot of time on-line (probably far too much) reading about photography, searching for a few pearls of wisdom in what often seems like a vast, largely barren sea of opinion. But every once in a while I … Continue reading

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The Power of Limitations

A good friend of mine is really into taking pictures with his iPhone. Like many people, he uses it for casual snaps, but he also tackles more ambitious photographic projects with it, including elaborate stitched panoramas and mosaics. I, on … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Film Versus Digital

These are interesting times, no question about it. A New World Order has emerged and continues to evolve as one technology eclipses another. Much of the analysis has been focused narrowly on the hardware, but in fact, it’s really only … Continue reading

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What I Don’t Get About Instagram

Instagram is in a bit of hot water with its users right now because of recent changes to its terms of service. People are expressing shock, outrage, and horror that a corporation is (gasp!) putting profitability ahead of their concerns. … Continue reading

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Black & White Versus Colour

The photo above was shot with colour negative film, and then converted into a black-and-white image with software. To my eye at least, it reads far better this way than it does in colour. Indeed, if I had been carrying … Continue reading

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Avoiding Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS)

GAS is nasty business. It’s a close cousin to hoarding and, like that malady, it’s not only a terrible resource drain, but also a distraction that derails your intentions. Fixating on gear instead of the creative process distorts your perception … Continue reading

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Fifteen Years Ago Today

One aspect of being an avid sky watcher is that the passage of time isn’t marked just with pages in a calendar, but also by gaps — the spaces between “once-in-a-lifetime” events. Looking at this photo of Comet Hale-Bopp now, … Continue reading

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