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Frosted Maple Leaf

This print is from last evening’s darkroom work.  I like its rather strange look.  It’s partly the product of the muted, sharp-angle sunlight falling on the scene, and partly the result of the frost coating everything, which gives the picture … Continue reading

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Sunrise Frost

At this time of year we’re often right on the flight path of Pacific storm systems.  The resulting lighting conditions often make for dramatic photographs. I’ve often wondered what it must be like to live in a place where the … Continue reading

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Favourite Cameras: Olympus 35RC

I have a great fondness for compact 35-mm cameras.  There’s something undeniably liberating about a camera equipped with just the bare essentials — it frees the mind and promotes spontaneous picture taking.  I certainly get a lot of use from recent-vintage, auto-everything models, … Continue reading

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White Fawn Lilies

This region has its share of beautiful wild flowers (including several lilies), each taking its turn to enliven the forest floor at different times of the year. One of the first to emerge in the spring is the White Fawn Lily. … Continue reading

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November Grey

I shot this yesterday while walking through Devonian Regional Park along one of the numerous paths that lead from the parking lot to Taylor Beach. My favourite route takes me along the fence line of an adjacent farm, which is … Continue reading

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Autumn Orchard

Linking the B.C. interior city of Penticton and its neighbour, the town of Naramata (and well beyond), is the Kettle Valley Railway trail. As the name suggests, the KVR is an abandoned railway line, and it’s now the domain of … Continue reading

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Mushrooms By The Ton

Days and days of rain, mushrooms by the ton Waiting for our clothes to dry, Mr. Watson cleans his gun Walking ’round the fences, a sister left behind A visit by a country doctor, two years from going blind — Lyrics … Continue reading

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