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Autumn’s Fleeting Glory

Autmn has come to our neck of the woods. Green is turning to gold, and gold will turn brittle and crumble to dust. It’s such a lovely/sad time of year — a season of transition that gently reminds us of … Continue reading

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The Thing About Tomatoes

These tomatoes aren’t perfect. A couple have noticable blemishes, they range in size, and they’re not evenly ripe. They’re not from a store, rather, they’re from my dad’s garden in Penticton, B.C. And you know what? They taste great. But … Continue reading

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Black & White Versus Colour

The photo above was shot with colour negative film, and then converted into a black-and-white image with software. To my eye at least, it reads far better this way than it does in colour. Indeed, if I had been carrying … Continue reading

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Favourite Cameras: Olympus Pen

You dream about it, but it never seems to happen. The “dream,” of course, is finding a truly rare camera at a bargain price at some out-of-the-way flea market. This dream finally came true for me a few months ago … Continue reading

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Don’t Water the Cows

An interesting info-graphic in the current (September 2012) issue of National Geographic notes that agriculture accounts for some 92% of humankind’s consumption of water. And of that, the production of beef requires the greatest amount of water by far.

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