Surreal Breakwater

Sunset at Ogden Point breakwater, Victoria, BC.
(Camera: Lomography Belair; Lens: Belairgon 80mm; Film: Fuji Reala 100)

I didn’t mean to take this photo, but I can’t deny that I really like how it turned out. There’s a certain water-colour paiting look to this that I find quite appealing. Normally I avoid accidents (happy, or otherwise) like the plague, but here I am enjoying a classic Lomography result in spite of myself. I hope that doesn’t make me a hipster!

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One Response to Surreal Breakwater

  1. ehpem says:

    A hipster! Yikes.
    I like this shot too. I am finding it difficult to take pictures of the breakwater with the new railings. This approach solves that problem!